Forsythe Trousers

The end of the month always comes around so quickly! It’s #sewmystyle2018 reveal day for our July projects – the Lander Pant/Short from True Bias & the Forsythe Trousers from Blank Slate Patterns.

The Landers have been on my radar for so long however because I want to make the shorts version and it’s the middle of winter here, I decided to go for the Forsythe Trousers.

I’m just going to say this upfront – I am surprisingly in love with the Forsythe Trousers. To be honest I’m not a huge pant girl, I much prefer skirts & dresses and find that even in winter, I stay warmer when I have tights on. However, these are a really flattering pant style (especially with the sash) and are very simple to make!



Lander Pant / ShortClay Mask Soft DrillForsythe Trousers


Confession: I made these yesterday and didn’t measure my correct size. I just went with the XXS. I should have gone with the XS. Whilst they do fit when they are on they are a bit tight up the top. I also have drag lines up the front which, according to the amazing fitting guide that comes with the Forsythe Trousers, I think means I need to change the crouch shape? Anyway I’d recommend you make a quick Muslin first if you want the correct fit. I’ll live with this for now but on my next pair I’ll definitely make some adjustments.

Two words – Welt Pockets! They are not perfect but for my first welt pocket I’m actually really proud! They were definitely not as scary as I always thought they were. Because I was only making these yesterday I very nearly left the welt pockets off but I am so glad I didn’t. A great design feature that makes these feel like proper pants.

The other detail I really love is the front faux fly  I’ve never done any type of fly before and although this is a faux one, again I love the fact these feel like proper pants.  Also the addition of the belt loops & the way they are fastened to the waistband. Don’t speak to me about the elastic! It would go through half of the waistband okay and the keep curling as I can around the other side. Annoying & time consuming.

The only adjustment I made was to make the width of the leg much skinnier (personal preference) I tried them on inside out and determined how much I needed to take them in. I think it ended up being 2.5” down the bottom graded into the crutch. I really love the look of these and know with this adjustment I will wear them a lot.

The Forsythe trousers are a great pattern to start with if you are like me & have never made fitted pants before. The instructions were very thorough & easy to follow and the actual construction of the pants was very simple too.

I actually really wanted to make a dusty pink linen pair of these initially but didn’t want to pay the money for it if I wasn’t sure of the fit (and also pink pants scare me haha) but I think they would look really good so I might just need a pink pair for spring!

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