The Little Red Dress Project

Happy Sunday all! First of all, welcome to the new site! There are still a lot of tweaks to be made, but I am so happy with how everything has turned out. Shop features will be added soon – but for now you can still purchase items from our Etsy Store.

Today I wanted to talk about The Little Red Dress Project and also share some of my inspiration pictures.


In case you have not already seen this on social media / YouTube, Renata from RunningNStyle has created a fantastic project for called The Little Red Dress Project which is all about creating a gorgeous red dress just in time for Christmas. Here are the guidelines (you can also find them over on Renata’s Blog.)

Create a Red Dress for the holiday preferable something in the same color family of red. 90% of your dress should be red, dusty/rose pink accepted.

You are free to choose whatever pattern you desire as long as the silhouette resembles a Sheath or shift dress. I’ve considered that some are new sewers and I really can’t wait to see how our creativity will show through these dresses.

However! If you’re a more advanced sewer feel free to choose whatever silhouette you like.

I am not a huge fan of shift dresses on my frame, so I will be making something a bit different which I will share with you in my November makes video! For now here are some inspiration pictures to get your creative juices flowing! This may also give you a few hints about what I am planning to sew.
You can find all of these dresses over on my Pinterest Board.
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Happy Sewing xx


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